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Barman is an open project and can be funded by private or public companies/organisations to gain special features and premium support from 2ndQuadrant. Contact us to join our sponsor program!


Version 1.3.0 Sponsors

Many thanks for funding towards the development of Barman 1.3.0 go to:
Agile Business Group


Founding Sponsors

Companies and organisations below (in alphabetical order) are founding sponsors, involved in the project from its conception to the official first release.


Barman has been thought, designed and developed by 2ndQuadrant Italia with the goal to provide more reliable disaster recovery solutions with PostgreSQL.



Barman has been partially funded through 4CaaSt, a research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework programme.


CSI PiemonteCSI Piemonte

Barman has been partially funded by CSI Piemonte, leading organisation operating in the Public Administration of the Piedmont Region. It is currently used as a backup solution for most demanding PostgreSQL databases.



GestionaleAuto.com, a single web interface for monitoring and coordination of dozens of websites dedicated to the world of vehicles.



Barman has been partially funded by Navionics, the leading company in electronics charts, which has migrated its systems onto PostgreSQL database.