Barman 2.7 released

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21 March 2019: 2ndQuadrant is proud to announce the release of Barman version 2.7, a Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL.

This is a bugfix release fixes various bugs in backup parallel copy, geo redundancy usability and UTF-8 input/output handling.

For a complete list of changes, see the “Release Notes” section below.

Release notes

  • Fix error handling during the parallel backup. Previously an unrecoverable error during the copy could have corrupted the barman internal state, requiring a manual kill of barman process with SIGTERM and a manual cleanup of the running backup in PostgreSQL. (GH#199)

  • Fix support of UTF-8 characters in input and output (GH#194 and GH#196)

  • Ignore history/backup/partial files for first sync of geo-redundancy (GH#198)

  • Fix network failure with geo-redundancy causing cron to break (GH#202)

  • Fix backup validation in PostgreSQL older than 9.2

  • Various documentation fixes