Barman 1.0.0

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Version 1.0.0 is the first stable release of Barman, Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL, to be distributed as open-source.

This major release is an important milestone in the lifecycle of the project, and includes:

  • Backup of multiple PostgreSQL servers, with different versions. Versions from PostgreSQL 8.4 and above are supported
  • Support for secure remote backup (through SSH)
  • Management of a catalog of backups for every server, allowing users to easily create new backups, delete old ones or restore them
  • Compression of WAL files that can be configured on a per server basis using compression/decompression filters, both predefined (gzip and bzip2) or custom
  • Support for INI configuration file with global and per-server directives. Default location for configuration files are /etc/barman.conf or ~/.barman.conf. The ‘-c’ option allows users to specify a different one
  • Simple indexing of base backups and WAL segments that does not require a local database
  • Maintenance mode (invoked through the ‘cron’ command) which performs ordinary operations such as WAL archival and compression, catalog updates, etc.
  • Added the ‘backup’ command which takes a full physical base backup of the given PostgreSQL server configured in Barman
  • Added the ‘recover’ command which performs local recovery of a given backup, allowing DBAs to specify a point in time. The ‘recover’ command supports relocation of both the PGDATA directory and, where applicable, the tablespaces
  • Added the ‘–remote-ssh-command’ option to the ‘recover’ command for remote recovery of a backup. Remote recovery does not currently support relocation of tablespaces
  • Added the ‘list-server’ command that lists all the active servers that have been configured in barman
  • Added the ‘show-server’ command that shows the relevant information for a given server, including all configuration options
  • Added the ‘status’ command which shows information about the current state of a server, including Postgres version, current transaction ID, archive command, etc.
  • Added the ‘check’ command which returns 0 if everything Barman needs is functioning correctly
  • Added the ‘list-backup’ command that lists all the available backups for a given server, including size of the base backup and total size of the related WAL segments
  • Added the ‘show-backup’ command that shows the relevant information for a given backup, including time of start, size, number of related WAL segments and their size, etc.
  • Added the ‘delete’ command which removes a backup from the catalog
  • Added the ‘list-files’ command which lists all the files for a single backup
  • RPM Package for RHEL 5/6